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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Issue over 'Politcal' killings in the country has seen a pair of killings that has raised international concern, Canada's very influentail UCC has brought the issue before the Canadian Government's foreign office in Ottawa.

[].... Canadian Church Calls on UN to Investigate Political Killings
Bulatlat, Philippines - The United Church of Canada (UCC) called on the United Nations to investigate the unabated political killings in the Philippines. ..." []

While North America's United States both government and non-government groups are seeking answers to the killing of a American and the shooting of his filipina wife in Cebu while his two daughters were getting out of a Taxi Cab in Cebu City.

Two story's from the Cebu based edition of Sun-Star;

[] .... "
American shot dead; Pinay companion wounded
Sun.Star, Philippines - Jul 24, 2006
CEBU CITY -- A former American soldier and his Filipina ... a taxicab on R. Duterte Street, Banawa, Cebu City Monday ... Victor Eugene Noe, 68, was killed on the spot ...
US national, Pinay fiancée both shot in the head
Sun.Star, Philippines - Jul 24, 2006
A former American soldier and his Filipina fiancée were ... a taxicab on R. Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City yesterday ... Victor Eugene Noe, 68, was killed on the spo

The case above is the issue now allegedly being raised by many US based and partner business groups in Cebu, Victor Noe, is something of a well known figure there and the style of the killing coming on the heels of comments the US embassy has made about the death squad type of killings in Cebu seems to have raised more than just the normal level of protest. Washington itself is raising the bar and calling for full disclosure and particioation in the investigation per my US based news sources.

This is all coming as the UNHCR is raising questions on the salvaging and strange killings as well.


Philippines warned to report rights abuses to UN or face sanctions
JURIST - ... the Commission on Human Rights Philippines (CHRP) [official ... Manila has not complied with UN requirements to ... the number of kidnappings and killings of suspected

Manila may face UN action over rights abuse
Gulf Times, Qatar - ... killings, is expected to defeat the complaints because she has majority support in the lower house of Congress. “The Philippines can be blacklisted by the UN

UN may blacklist Philippines for not reporting HR cases
Sun.Star, Philippines - Jul 27, 2006
... cited the failure of law enforcement agencies to stop killings and abductions of left-leaning activists. “The Philippines can be blacklisted by the UN if it ...
RP courts UN blacklist, warns human rights commission chief
INQ7.net, Philippines - Jul 27, 2006
... Quisumbing said the failure of authorities to stop the killings and alleged ... left-wing activists might also be considered by the UN as a ... "The Philippines can be ...
Philippines May Face UN Sanctions For Rights Abuse
All Headline News - Jul 27, 2006
... She told participants, "The Philippines can be blacklisted by the UN if it ... 2002 to present, the CHR has investigated 68 alleged cases of killings of left ...
Manila may face UN blacklist over rights abuse
Boston Globe, United States - Jul 27, 2006
... killings, is expected to defeat the complaints because she has majority support in the lower house of Congress. "The Philippines can be blacklisted by the UN ...
Manila may face UN blacklist over rights abuse
Washington Post, United States - Jul 27, 2006
... killings, is expected to defeat the complaints because she has majority support in the lower house of Congress. "The Philippines can be blacklisted by the UN

While government has admitted a need to prosecute some elements of the Politcal system and Police and Military - on a individual level - the other side of the coin is rarely seen - abuses by other groups not identified with government at all. A very good perspective often downplayed by rights groups is this story on FYITV.Net click on picture to launch story.

News image
Special Report

About a Boy

…who lost his parents at age 5, grew up believing in the same revolutionary cause he knew they left him for… only to discover 20 years later that his parents were tortured and buried alive by their own Communist Party comrades on suspicion of being Deep Penetration Agents. —Winona Cueva

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Bad to worse in Baghdad: "Neighbors are killing neighbors,” WP

Looking into things related to the crisis in the middle east in Lebanon and scanning the blogs something has been missed of late in the regions major war-zone of Iraq.

Worse by far than the situation in Lebanon and mostly escalating into daily killings and violence of a sectarian nature. Baghdad some say may end up resembling the Enclaves of local armed militias of Beirut of 15 years ago when a green line divided that city which is currently in the worlds focus of attention.

Officials of the Iraqi military say as many as 628 hve been kiiled in 6 days!

The Washington Post reports in part:

[]… “Neighbors are killing neighbors,” ….

After more than a week of some of the most vicious sectarian violence of the war, Baghdad is a skeleton of a city: Many of its shops are shuttered, its streets drained of people. The violence erupted July 9 when Shiite Muslim militiamen rampaged through the al-Jihad neighborhood and killed dozens of Sunni Arabs. By Friday, the sixth day, the death toll in Baghdad stood at 628 people, according to Brig. Gen. Mahmoud Nima of the Interior Ministry, citing a figure that far exceeded the numbers previously suggested by news reports. …. ” [] please read full article here

The major problem there is violence has shifted from Insurgent related actions to direct reprisals over issues as mundane as parking and store shop rivalry. fueled by religious and ethnic tension and sent spiraling with every car bomb and grenade attack the people of Iraq according to this Washington Post report are saying: “We cannot trust anyone.”

The situation in Iraq is indeed a sad one growing worse everyday; Yet in this part of the globe a lot the situations that one threatened to be as bad as some of the fighting in Baghdad have indeed improved in places like Basilan and around parts of the Zamboanga Peninsula, yet violence still manages to break through often for sectarian, tribal;, religious, our poetical reasons still - as the American Chronicle reports.

There was a time when some parts of the Southern Philippine were somewhat albeit on much more local and smaller scale similar to the problems faced by Baghdad’s people.

But violence still continues in many parts of the Southern Philippines, a broadcaster was gunned down in Digos City in Davao Del Sur.

[] Another journalist slain in Philippines
Seattle Post Intelligencer - MANILA, Philippines — A radio broadcaster was gunned down Tuesday in the southern Philippines as he was riding home on a motorcycle, the latest
Journalist Gunned Down in Philippines Voice of America
Broadcaster killed in Digos City ABS CBN News
Broadcaster shot dead Journal Online … []

One can look at a very good source for information on the issues of the Southern Philippines on the blogsite of Zambo based writer now also featured on a LA based blogsite, Jade Verde’s site he has a lot of stories he can share on the situation there in Zamboanga and other places from his years as a journalist based there.

Even from a distance he reports on things i have not really seen that much aired or seen in print here in Manila. His sources are very good. Like on his report on ambush killing of Isabela, Basilan Mayor in March - most reports put the blame on the ASG and other groups or political rivals but he put a peg on the sotry in his report for American Chronicle.

Jade’s report:

[]… “Ustadz Omar Suhod added: “Demolishing the mosque is an attack to Islam. It is our place of worship, and it is the house of God, and destroying the mosque will only bring troubles because the Muslims are angry. We appeal to our leaders to please spare the mosque”.

Mayor Biel was assassinated, and three of his bodyguards were wounded at the front of the City Hall, at around 12.15 PM on Friday of March 3, 2006. The bodyguards fired back and killed the gunman.…’[]

Jade’s other blogsite

Sunday, July 16, 2006


“World War III”: Newt and Mahathir both call it…

July 17th, 2006 Edit

There can be no more opposite views of the ‘realpolitik’ that flows in the world than the former Speaker of the House of representatives and the former Malaysian Prime Minister.

Both seem to be reading from the same page and seem to be saying what most in the world do not want to hear… but both are saying looking at today’s news out of the middle east and Lebanon; that the worst is still to come.

Newt :[] …. “Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, this week’s bomb attacks in India, North Korean nuclear threats, terrorist arrests and investigations in Florida, Canada and Britain, and violence in Israel and Lebanon as evidence of World War III. He said Bush needs to deliver a speech to Congress and “connect all the dots” for Americans.” Gingrich says it’s World War III by David Postman… “[]

Mahathir: [] “… Mahathir: The Third World War Is Here by Mahathir bin Mohamad TheGlobalist.com is a daily online magazine and think tank publishing features on the key issues, people, companies and organizations shaping global ….[]
Mahathir calls this ‘a phase’ and even more alarming that World War Four is the next major thing the world needs to fear.

All of this makes for interesting reading to political science students, analysts, and others the news makes sence the pronouncement however by major leaders seems to be something they do not want to do.

Americans and Western Europeans are increasingly shying away from news of the current conflict unable to comprehend for many the total globalization of a war that to them seems to be led by a few men hiding in caves - a image they can’t seem to comprehend - considering how with no waiting, instant lives they live and full gratification provided by the lives and technology offered to them this is not what seems to be a popular theme.

The global scale of this thing has yet to hit home for many. It really all started with a fathwah that dates back to 1995. With a Fathwah issued by the cabal this is Al qaeda and stretches to today.

Mahathir and Gringrich have very different views on the causes and solutions:

[]…” Actually we are in the midst of the Third World War, not the war against terrorists but the war between terrorists and the peace loving anti-terrorist alliance, the war between the Axis of Evil and Satan. … ” []

Mahathir bin Mohamad Adding further:

Out-terrorising the terrorists will not work. But removing the causes for terrorism will.

[]… Both sides are convinced that they are right, that theirs is the fight against evil. Evil and Satan must be destroyed.

Frightened, the world is taking measures to secure and defend at tremendous cost. But the main result is not security or freedom from terror attacks. “…[]

To Newt Gringrich in the Seattle Times;

[] “…. the reluctance to put those pieces together and see one global conflict is hurting America’s interests. He said people, including some in the Bush Administration, who urge a restrained response from Israel are wrong “because they haven’t crossed the bridge of realizing this is a war.”

“This is World War III,” Gingrich said. And once that’s accepted, he said calls for restraint would fall away:

“Israel wouldn’t leave southern Lebanon as long as there was a single missile there. I would go in and clean them all out and I would announce that any Iranian airplane trying to bring missiles to re-supply them would be shot down. This idea that we have this one-sided war where the other team gets to plan how to kill us and we get to talk, is nuts.”

There is a public relations value, too. Gingrich said that public opinion can change “the minute you use the language” of World War III. The message then, he said, is “‘OK, if we’re in the third world war, which side do you think should win?” .… [] ” Gingrich says it’s World War III by David Postman”

Obviously the men are playing to different audiences, obviously one speaks for a voice to rally support around a crumbling leadership in the US whose level of public support and perception of a wider conflict could boost that groups leadership position and salvage party rule.

Mahathir on the other hand the elder statesman speaking from the Mountaintop seems to be more clearly trying to address the root causes and get people to wake up and see the light at the end of the tunnel may be glow and fires of new world war coming he calls World War 4.

Many may have a very narrow view of what occurs and many may see these men as politically icons of two very different backgrounds. indeed they are - one a successful leader in Asia who took a backwater former colony of the UK to a economic standard that has made his country one of the few to become 1st world from the SE Asia’s developing world - with growth still rising.

Newt… well he’s seen a global leader in his time slowly lose its industrial prowess and views the world from the shores of the Potomac’s in either blue or red of US Politics- not global real politik- but both calling it as they see it - both calling for people to recognize this War on Terror for what it is - is indeed a clear view my old teachers told me in Journalism, the old two source rule - makes it clearly something to ponder.

So this is World War III? hmmm… If Einstien is to be followed, the next phase as predicted by Mahathir is WW IV, Albert E. said that will be fought with rocks and stones -perhaps now we know why one side is already hiding in caves.

Oh-Boy…. and just when I was learning to like the Internet.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


7-11 Blasts in Mumbai 7 bombs mutliple casualties on train system

July 11th, 2006 Edit

Reports are pouring in about the so far seven blasts that have rocked Mumbai in India all along on major railway line in India’s financial capitol. Mumbai authorities have ordered all trains to be stopped - millions of people are affected.

A total of seven attacks on a system that is heart of India’s transportation system. Overall these kinds of attacks and methods looking for mass causalities all point to one possible group “Jihadi’s” this is not the first time though thee types of attacks have taken place in India but most recently in Delhi 3 bombs also hit several parts of the city - although the death toll was lower and the scale smaller.

There also was a attack in Kashmir - a series of granade attacks earlier today.


[] … ” Mumbai Blasts Kill at Least 137 People, Injure 450
July 11 (Bloomberg) — Mumbai, India’s commercial hub, was hit by seven blasts, killing as many as 137 people and injuring 450 in the city’s worst terror attack in 13 years. The blasts targeted the suburban rail network during the evening rush hour. ” []
[] … ”

Many killed in India bomb blasts
CBBC newsround (audio), UK -
More than 100 people are thought to have been killed after a series of explosions on India’s railway system. Seven blasts are thought
Over 100 killed in Mumbai serial blasts
Times of India, India -
MUMBAI: Mumbai relived a nightmare when seven explosions shook the city within minutes on Tuesday evening. Reports said more than
Mumbai blasts kill at least 100
Reuters.uk, UK -
MUMBAI (Reuters) - More than 100 people were killed and hundreds injured in seven explosions on packed commuter trains and stations during rush hour on Tuesday
At least 40 dead in Mumbai city blasts: official
ABC News - Jul 11, 2006 — MUMBAI (Reuters) - At least 40 people died in blasts on the rail network in the Indian city of Mumbai on Tuesday, a top state official said.
Mumbai blasts: Over 100 feared killed
Business Standard, India - 36 minutes ago
Some 107 commuters are feared killed after seven powerful blasts ripped through as many crowded local trains during Mumbai’s peak rush hour this evening.
Serial blasts in India kill over 100
The Age, Australia - 37 minutes ago
A video grab shows the damage done to a train close to Mahim Station in Mumbai. More than 100 people were killed today in seven
At least 100 die as India rocked by blasts
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia -
MUMBAI: More than 100 people were killed on Tuesday in seven bomb explosions that closed the railway network in India’s financial hub, Mumbai, police said.
Mumbai train blasts ‘kill dozens’
The Observer Blog, UK - Dozens of people are reported to have been killed when a series of explosions hit packed commuter trains in Mumbai, India’s financial centre, today.
Mumbai blasts: Commissioner appeals for calm
Business Standard, India - Mumbai’s Police Commissioner AN Roy appealed to the citizens to stay calm while the police tried to bring order in the city, particularly along the north-south
Chaos prevails on Western Railway line
NDTV.com, India -
An atmosphere of chaos and confusion prevailed on the Western Railway lines as thousands of commuters were left bewildered by the serial blasts in Mumbai.
Blasts Rock Indian Railways
Islam Online, Qatar -
MUMBAI — Explosions hit at least five packed commuter trains during the rush hour on Tuesday, July 11, in India’s financial hub, Mumbai, injuring and killing

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